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This is our Expat Tax Guide for those of you living outside of the U.S… or anyone who’s “expat curious”.  In this post, we’ll explain the tax requirements of expats – including a detailed explanation of tax credits that expats can use to save tax money. So let’s dive in! Woes Of Being An Expat […]

Your business is your baby. And your accountant is the nanny you invite into your home to care and love your baby and do some light housekeeping. That analogy may not be that relatable for us small business owners trying to balance work and childcare, but I’m serious when I say that picking out an […]

Taxes can suck. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I hate seeing my hard earned money being taken from me and given to the government. (Let me preface this and say I do love the new roads, public education, and some incredible things that our taxes do pay for). […]

Once we gain traction growing our small business, this phrase “S-Corp” keeps popping up everywhere – Tik Tok, our savvy friends, and our business colleagues. It has you questioning “should I become an S-Corp?!”. But what does an S-Corp really mean and how do I know if it’s right for my business? – OR – […]

Similar to practicing minimalism with your material possessions, practicing financial minimalism can give you a sense of both control and freedom. Control over your financial situation and freedom to take risks and pivot your lifestyle whenever it suits you. Sound good? I know, I feel to pounds lighter just thinking of it. So let’s get […]

Some of you may recognize my name from many a client emails on the Gradient Accounting side of things. And some of you may not recognize me at all. Kacey Mills is my name, and accounting is my game. I originally became an accountant for my intense passion for government law and financial jargon – […]

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