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Similar to practicing minimalism with your material possessions, practicing financial minimalism can give you a sense of both control and freedom. Control over your financial situation and freedom to take risks and pivot your lifestyle whenever it suits you. Sound good? I know, I feel to pounds lighter just thinking of it. So let’s get […]

Some of you may recognize my name from many a client emails on the Gradient Accounting side of things. And some of you may not recognize me at all. Kacey Mills is my name, and accounting is my game. I originally became an accountant for my intense passion for government law and financial jargon – […]

As many current or aspiring business owners know, it takes sacrifice to start a business. Success doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, about 50% of small businesses will fail within 5 years according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). In this post, I want to normalize the fact that most of us aren’t getting rich from […]

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Gradient Accounting is a firm built with modern small businesses in mind. Our mission is to help you get your finances under control so you have time to travel, enjoy your life, and pursue your passions. Our team has more than 33 years of cumulative accounting, tax, and consulting experience. Our blog reflects our unique take on the latest news you need to know in the small business world. We are also passionate about providing free resources here to help you scale your business and earn more money in the process.

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